SHOW: Rocky Votolato House Show, Seattle - 8/16/09

It was around 7:30 when I arrived at the quiet Phinney neighborhood and entered the home of Rocky Votolato's sister-in-law. He came in quietly, and a quiet settled over the room. He set up in the dining room with his Yamaha acoustic, two harmonicas, and a tuning pedal, his things placed down on a piano bench, with songbooks stacked on the piano, pictures of family members above, and a lamp in the corner. The tiny gathering of around twenty people sat on sofas, mostly on the floor.

Rocky would play 16 songs, many from his new album, True Devotion, slated to be released "early next year," with guest appearances from David Bazan (Pedro the Lion, Headphones) and James Bowman (Against Me!).

All together it was a great show in an extremely intimate gathering, and he talked freely with all the guests, about the inspiration behind certain songs, his family, beliefs, yoga, and his entire West Coast House Tour.

It definitely left an impression on me, a certain moment of vividness in the gray despondency of everyday life, and I realized that simple things like songs and feelings are just enough--no, they are more than enough. Thanks, Rocky.

the set list:
1. Portland is Leaving
2. White Daisy Passing
3. Alabaster
4. Lucky Clover Coin*
5. Father & Son (Cat Stevens Cover)
6. Sparklers*
7. Where We Started*
8. Makers
9. Tinfoil Hats
-I'm not sure when he played this but it was around there
10. Red River*
11. Sun Devil*
12. Suicide Medicine
13. Uppers Aren't Necessary^
14. Mix Tapes / Cellmates^
15. Streetlights^
16. Montana
*new song ^request
p.s. If you were at the show, and think I've misplaced or missed any of the songs (I think I might've missed Goldfield? though Rocky and I went over the list) shoot me an email.

photos taken with Nikon D50 / Nikkor 50/1.8 AIS


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