in never out by pg.lost


I must say, when I heard there was a new pg.lost album out I expected some great stuff. I absolutely loved their last release, It's Not Me, It's You! and I hoped for more of the same. This album, though, stands out far less than their previous effort. It's unfortunate. Nowhere in In Never Out is there the swelling, exuberant ecstasy of the previous album's "Siren" or any particularly in-depth, advanced harmony.
This album is much darker in tone. The tracks "Heart of Hearts" and "Gomez" are particularly heart-wrenching and, well, it's apparent that pg.lost wish that they were as cool as Mono because "Gomez" could easily pass for a Mono track if it had some more intricate musical craftsmanship and more instruments. All in all, though, it's a pretty standard post-rock album worth grabbing if you've heard any of their music--otherwise pick up their old album somewhere. It's a gem. This album though, sadly, is little more than your standard repetitive, slowly building post-rock fare.

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  1. for the lazy and helpless, I've found a link:

    it's not me, it's you! by pg.lost - http://www.mediafire.com/?xj1z32gdyro